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I've been playing around with the cloud reader lite.

My purpose is to make a simple test that consists in packing the reader togheter with a single epub in a zip and make this available to upload in an LMS, such as Moodle. The uploaded package will have to behave like an activity in the LMS system: it will open in a new page in the selected explorer and directly show the epub to the student/user.

I've tested this in online browsers in Windows, Android and iOS with success. The problem arises when I tried to open the unzipped package directly with any explorer, through the file:// protocol, that is, offline.

In this last case, it won't work because the reader try to access the epub content with an Http Get operation, which is not allowed in the file:// protocol.

Well, as it is a cloud reader I am not surprised of the behaviour, and I am not saying that this is an error.

But, has anyone faced this issue, and, if so, found a solution?

Thank you.

I am not aware of anyone trying this, so am not aware of a solution.  But it is an interesting use-case, so have forwarded it to one of the engineers on Readium who has worked  a lot with the CloudReader.

Thank you for your answer.

We, here, will welcome any help on this direction.

Hello, I am afraid web browsers implementations of XmlHttpRequest restrict the use of file:// resources. So a HTTP server (local or remote) is pretty much a requirement for the Readium cloud reader to function properly. To be clear, this is only needed to serve static files, there is no server-side code per-se. I hope this help, Daniel

Hi Daniel.

Thanks for your comment.

We already know that a server was needed.I was just trying to know if anybody had thought about this use case.

We are already producing other types of activities/viewers that we are able to run either online or offline without the need of a server, just using any explorer, and we were wondering whether that was addressed in this community or not.

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