EPUB 3.1 multiple roles for creators and contributors

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EPUB Packages 3.1 Draft Specification 6 September 2016
notes the meta element refines attribute to be deprecated.
On the other hand it notes about the opf:role element for creators and contributors:
'The value must be a three-letter lowercase code from [MARC Relators].'

Often creators and contributors have more than one role.
Before it was simple to express this using multiple meta elements refining the entry for one person to note all roles for such a person.

What is the idea to do this in 3.1?
To provide multiple elements creator and contributor for the same person, but with different roles?
Wouldn't it be better to allow a komma or whitespace separated list as opf:role value with three letter marc relations?

Currently with refines and properties it is possible to relate other information as well to an creator or contributor, how to do this without refines?

Other meta information may need a refinement as well, not covered with the 3.1 approach without the refines attribute.
How to connect such refinements to meta elements in general?

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