01 - LABEL usage for common term in a product

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Hi everyone, I feel very elevated to start a forum and would need your support to resolve my query:

Book Instance:

STEP 1 The international ....
STEP 2 The national ....
STEP 3 The international ....

Semantic Mark-up:

<section id="steplist1" class="procedure">
<h4 class="title" epub:type="title">
<span epub:type="label">SOLUTION</span>
<ol class="steplist">
<li class="step">STEP 1 The population ...</li>
<li class="step">STEP 2 The sample ....</li>
<li class="step">STEP 3 The variable ....</li>

I would like to know if the above mark-up is fine.

mail me with your suggestion or clarification at: afzal@codemantra.co.in

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