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I got the following error message from the epubcheck validator. Can anyone explain what it means so that I can rectify the problem? I tried making a few changes to my InDesign print document file but to no avail. Please bear in mind that I am not au fait with html.
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Message:Error while parsing file 'Anchors within nav elements must contain text'.

Well, look into the mentioned file around the mentioned line and position.
Presumably there is an empty element a or with some none text content like an image, because this is restricted by EPUB for the navigation document.

Thanks so much for your suggestion O.H. but I don't know how to identify line 34 and position 90. Sorry to ask what, to you, may sound obvious, but does "line 34" mean the 34th line number on that particular page or from the beginning of the document? And what does "position" refer to?
I'd truly appreciate any help on this. I feel I've come a long way on my learning curve to export epubs from InDesign but I am still a novice methinks.

It means the 34th line on that page.  The position is the chararcter position, i.e. the 90th character on the 34th line on that page.  Hope this helps.

Thanks very much for that info – I shall search for that coordinate and see if I can rectify the problem. Kind regards.

hey..i've got the same issue but i double checked the whole document and it seems like no anchor text is missing..how do i fix it??and better asap..since need to upload the project to http://www.domyhomework4me.net/ ..can this be some kind of a bug??should i reinstall the program??

You can use the checker on your own computer, this excludes already problems with check-programs out of your control.

Method to fix is already mentioned, unzip and look carefully into the navigation document at the position mentioned in the error message.

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