epub check error ERROR(RSC-001): File 'OEBPS/1/toc.ncx' could not be found.

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Has anyone come across this epubcheck error?

ERROR(RSC-001): File 'OEBPS/1/toc.ncx' could not be found.

I have merged a number of epubs and this error repeats for each book in the set. Any suggestions on how it might be resolved are welcome!

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Look in the mentioned directory, compare the content with content mentioned in the manifest of your OPF document - does it really fit together.

Typically toc.ncx is an EPUB 2 navigation document, added to EPUB 3 to ensure backwards compatibility, but not required for EPUB 3.
If you want backwards compatibility, add it, if it is not already there, if not remove the entry from the manifest.

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