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I recently removed an ebook from Readium, however for some reason the entry is still visible in the library (with a missing thumbnail). Upon clicking it, I receive the error message "Invalid / Corrupted EPUB" (which makes sense, as I deleted it) but I now have no way of removing the book from the library view, is there a way to do so? It's bugging me having the entry hanging around.

I suspect that the reason that it didn't end up being fullyremoved from the library is that I had Readium open twice (as I was viewing multiple files).

Hm.  How did you have Readium (I assume the Chrome Extension) open twice?  That in and of itself should not be possible.Normally, the same instance is relaunched.  I'll test this myself, but if you could provide more details (what OS?  How many books? etc.) it would be helpful.

But bottom line, not sure how to clean it up nicely.  Be sure you have your other books backed up somewhere in case you have to re-build your library.  I suggest this because I have not seen this behaviour before and not sure how Readium might behave the next time you add a new book.


I ended up solving the problem by opening the console (in a rather convoluted process) and running the clean library command.

When I say open twice, I mean multiple windows, I'm not sure if it was the same instance of it in the background, but to provide a bit more insight, it's Windows 10 (64-bit, home), approx 30 books in the library, and I believe it happened because I removed the book in one window then added another new one in a different window, so I suspect the library still had the book in it in the other window and the library was then saved. I'm not familiar with the way Readium does things, so this is speculation but hopefully the context helps.

From a user experience standpoint, may I suggest that upon a message of invalid / corrupt epub coming up, the option to have it removed from the library is immediately presented? Same behaviour should probably be presented upon clicking the details button if an error occurs.

Luckily, I backup all my books anyway, so adding them all back into the library, while annoying, was not a big problem.

Oh sorry, yes, the Chrome Extension.

Interesting.  Thanks for the feedback.  We'll look into it.  It should not, in theory, be possible to do that, so it is a bug.  I'll log an issue and we will try to take a look.  However, do be aware that we are a volunteer organization so not a lot of extra bandwidth.

Hi! How did you delete the ePub? I am trying to find a way to delete existing ePub files from Readium, and cannot find any information about it. Thanks!

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