Possible to set granularity of touch-to-play in Readium?

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I'm writing a fixed layout interactive EPUB as a small test of EPUB and Readium capabilities.

I noticed by default that Readium (Chrome App) will play all of the defined spoken audio on a given page when the touch-to-play option is enabled. Is it possible to change the text/audio synchronization only to the touched word?

I noticed in the "Show advanced audio controls" settings of Readium there are UI buttons to set the granularity down to the word level (which seems to be what I'm desiring), sentence level, or paragraph level, but I'm unable to set any of these options.

For the demo EPUB I'm writing, I've defined all the SMIL elements as pars, not part of a seq. It was my interpretation of a par that, on touch, the audio would only play according to the clipBegin and clipEnd so I think the default Readium setting for mediaOverlaysSynchronizationGranularity is what's chaining the words together?


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