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In new version of Readium (02.02.1917) links (<a href="something.htm">Text</a>) are now diplayed not blue as usually but white on black background.

Can you please provide more details?  What version of Readium is this?  Chrome App, CloudReader or SDK?  What does that version refer to?  Where did you get the build?  What platform?

I use Readium Chrome App 2.25.0 on Windows. Updated automatically.

Hm. I'm not seeing this.  Is there a specific book you are seeing this in?  Or does it happen in all books?

It happens in all books.

everything is good with me as well..guess you can changing the background color..then you will be able to view links..
Lexie, an expert at xo-xo

Thank uou. I changed in settings the background color accidentally. After change the background to default (author style) everything is OK.

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