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Have any of you seen this error and if so, what did you do to end the error

Error while parsing file '[element "audio" not allowed anywhere; expected the element end-tag or element "address", "blockquote", "del", "div", "dl", "h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", "h6", "hr", "ins", "noscript", "ns:svg", "ol", "p", "pre", "script", "table" or "ul" (with xmlns:ns="")]'

If I link to an audio file in my ebook, will it load into the audioplayer to any ereader or various other system/device?

thank you all in advance

Did you indicate your EPUB to use version 3?
The XHTML version, used in EPUB 2, does not have an element audio, the XHTML version, used in EPUB 3 has.

thank you O.H. :) changed it and all is well:) thanks again. I forgot the version

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