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I'm using epubchecker to try and validate my epub 3 files. I keep getting the following error, but cannot see what it can be:

ERROR: ahis3c.epub/OEBPS/cover.htm(7,52): External entities are not allowed in XML. External entity declaration found: %OEBEntities
ERROR: ahis3c.epub/OEBPS/cover.htm(1,1): Entity '%OEBEntities' is undeclared

There are no oeb entities in the html
Can anyone shed any light on what the error can be?

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Im getting the EXACT same error. On the EXACT same lines (7,52) and (1,1). Very strange. I have no answer to what the problem is.

Is this a bug?

Probably your content docs and/or toc.xhtml contain an XHTML1.1 doctype - this "obsolete permitted" in HTML5, but forbidden in epub as external entities are not allowed. Agree that this is not the ideal error message from EPUBCheck - you might want to file a bug on the google code site about the %OEBEntities.

I am looking for guidelines (links) for fixed layout and epub 3. Please help

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