EPUB 3 and Corporate Standard Requirements for Documentation

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We are looking to convert much of our current and future documentation into EPUB format. However, corporate standards require all documentation to contain the following items:

*Cover Graphic
*Copyright page
*Copyright footer
*Dynamic header
*Exact fonts
*Wide tables

My question is, which items can EPUB 3 support? I already know for sure EPUB 3 supports Graphics and Exact fonts, but what about the other items?

Any input is much appreciated! Thank you!

Any thoughts????

I don't see any problem is supporting your requirements, with possibly the exception of Dynamic header (you will have to generate them from your sources depending on your workflow. Epub per se does not have any notion of "variable header/footer" in the traditional paginated media sense, as it is a static output file format).

The real problem is in the conversion itself and in the new editorial workflow you will have to implement. Don't expect an easy/direct conversion from (unstructured) MS-Word/OpenOffice files.



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