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I have found that the Apple iBook reader will do some modest JavaScript operations, e.g., will allow JPEG images to be resized, but abjectly refuses to work with Google Maps. HTML files that invoke Google Maps perfectly with IE 9.0 or Safari 5.1.2 go dead with iBook. I have proved to my satisfaction that iBook shuts down any HREF URL link that has an embedded question mark, I speculate to prevent books from referencing products for sale on the web.

Can anyone illuminate anything about accessing Google Maps from an iBook reader, hopefully without having to "shell out" to Safari? If possible, vector me to actual EPUB examples. Thanks.

There is a nice example of a relatively complex EPUB at But, although they mention using Google Maps, they "cheat", i.e., they "shell out" to Safari, link to a page, which then brings up the Google Maps. I'd like to access the Google Maps from within iBook, no "shell out" to Safari, no

Tim Vollmer advertises an EPUB with Google Maps at but I don't know what magic he has used to do so, or whether the maps are invoked directly from iBook or via Safari.

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