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I'm looking at taking some existing documents that are in PDF and bringing them over into EPUB for distribution to ereaders. The source files are in Microsoft Word. Any suggestions (other than "run away!") as to the best tool(s) or methods to get the content over into EPUB?

My own writing is almost all in XML (usually DocBook) so I haven't dealt with Word migration issues before. I also use Macs and Linux boxes so I don't have any Windows systems around (although I do have MS Word on a Mac).

Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I see four options:
1. open the word files in open office and use the writer 2 epub extension ( This works accepptably only for very simple epubs.
2. if you have a docbook infrastructure in place, you can try to convert to docbook using the roundtrip xslt and the use the standard epub2/epub3 xslt;
3. if the above options are too complex (for example because the word file are not structured using the appropriate styles), you may find that the quickest path is exporting an rtf from the pdf, manually tagging in docbook and then use the the standard epub2/epub3 docbook xslt. Note than the latest versions of Oxygen do have a pretty intelligent cut&paste feature from word to docbook (i.e. you can have paras, some inlines and some headings automagically converted; you then will have to just structure the higher level sections).

The best method depends on how awful your word files are.

I mentions the docbook toolchain because you already use it. The docbook to epub xslt work very well and are easily customizable, but do require some experience with the xml/xslt machinery. Oxygen has a very good out of the box support for docbook and epub conversion/editing.


fourth option:
4. I do not have any direct experience, but Apple Pages has an epub export and in line of principle you can import from Word. Your mileage may vary.

Yet another option:
5. Use Sigil to import from word and the edit manually the epub. Note that this option does *not* give you complete control on the epub output (but you will probably need to tweak the epub manually anyway, so this could be a reasonable starting point).


Hi peppobon,

Thanks for your suggestions. I just worked on Writer2ePub and It is good ePub creator extension in Open office. I have a one question. Whether it is work on math type & equations related books?

Please advise and thank you.

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