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Text cut off in both top and bottom in iPad

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I'm having a issue in an ePub 3 file viewing in iPad. The text is getting cut off partially or a complete line is disappeared in both top and bottom marigin. ePub 3 file is a two column file. Can someone help me resolving this?


I've seen this happen with EPUB 2-enhanced on the iPad. You can try changing the text size, but the problem will likely move to another point in the content when the text is reflowed.

One thing I checked that really helped prevent the issue was to make sure I had iBooks set to display full screen - this is the fix for the problem you are describing.

However, if switching on full screen does not resolve your problem, or introduces a different problem, you will need to adjust the CSS "page-break-inside: avoid !important;" values associate with classes where you don't want page breaks happening.

Hope this helps!

-Jean Kaplansky,
Solution Architect

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