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I'm looking for info about protecting DTBs : RMS, watermarking or fingerprinting.

Does IDPF gives info about this topic ?

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Circling back to Roberto's comment ... I am looking into watermarking/fingerprinting approaches to DRM ... I want to keep our content accessible, but do want to put the right language on the file to protect rights ... I am looking for documentation on what standards there are for these approaches ... Where do people watermark an epub, what kinds of language and terms are used ....

One way I can think of is adding a metadata entry to each XML and XHTML file in the ZIP file.
However this may not be hard to remove.
There is no other way I know of watermarking that is not easy to remove.

what the meaning of EPUB..olease anyone can explain is it?

It's derived from Electronic PUBlication, but it's also a registered trademark of the IDPF so technically it is what it is and isn't a simple abbreviation.

Is that what you wanted to know, or did you have some other question in mind? If not, you'll need to elaborate.

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