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Thank you very much in advance and forgive my English, I'm with the google translator to be faster.

My problem is that either do not know how to apply the xml islands or not work for me. The fallback into the manifest does not work. And the ops: switch either, I put the code is this:
html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:ops="http://www.idpf.org/2007/ops"

(This is the example of specifications)

I put it in my xhtml into the body, and is shown in the ereader the two options. What of the case as the default.

thank you very much

So the problem is that the content in both your case(s) and default elements is being rendered?

It sounds like the reading system you are testing in does not recognize the epub:switch element. If the content is left to a rendering engine, it will attempt to render whatever it finds (you'll typically get any text content and/or rendering of anything the engine understands as XHTML). If that's what's happening, it's not a problem you can fix.

But I could be misunderstanding your problem. (Did some of your markup not get rendered?)

Are you creating an EPUB 2 or 3 document and what reading system are you having this problem in?

Hi Matt,

Thank you very much for answering. I know it's what happens.

The problem is the editing software I use to edit the epub. This software is Sigil.
Follows that this sw when I put the swtich and give it to save you Sgil change it, and only lets the svg followed by the contents of default. It takes away all that you've added. It drove me crazy, because you realize this only when you go back to edit in Sigil.

So I have to manually edit and package the epub manually with commands, because if I edit in Sigi, Sigil me change it ....

Do you know a better editor Sigil?.

Thank you very much.

Ah, okay, I understand now. Yes, that's truly annoying.

It appears to aggressively run HTML Tidy when you open and save your epub, which strips the ops-namespaced elements. I can't even get it to stop doing that by turning off the option, so obviously a bug in the software that needs fixing. I can only recommend reporting the issue.

I personally use Oxygen to edit EPUBs (and for all the xml work I do). It's not a dedicated EPUB authoring environment, but I'm typically working in the markup, not authoring. It proivides validation, tag hints and completion and all the other great things fully xml-aware applications give you, which I can't live without anymore. (It's not free, but you can demo it.)

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