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The fact the epubcheck 3.0b5 is still referred to as a beta version is causing us serious problems with the supply chain. Vendors are rejecting files that validate in v3 because they are using v1.2. They will not upgrade because they say v3 is still a beta version.

Please provide a stable release version, then institute any further improvements in a development version.

Response today from one of our distribution partners regarding use of Epubcheck 3.

"Thanks for your email! Our team will continue to use epubcheck 1.2 until epubcheck 3.0 is no longer in its beta form."

This stance of having epubcheck in what seems to be permanent beta is unsustainable, especially as epubcheck 1.2 was released well over a year ago.

When we say new version for epub checker is released. Does that mean that should replace the old checker in our process. Does 3.0b5 version for epub checker replaces all the previous checker and would this checker be sufficient on the epub to release file.

In terms of upgrading, yes, you should be using the current release for any EPUB production. Each new beta release of 3.0 is improving on the previous and fixing issues, so if you're using an older version you may get erroneous reports of errors (or no reports).

To chrxr, did you point to the wiki page for the tool? I'm surprised at the response you got, considering it states there:

Current version: 3.0b5

EpubCheck 3.0 is the continuation of the EpubCheck 1.2 project, upgraded to support validation of EPUB 3.0 content besides the legacy EPUB 2.0.
At the time of this writing, the available build has a graduated from being a development build to being the stable build, recommended for both EPUB 2.0(1) and 3.0 validation.
Full disclosure: I don't work on the tool, and b05 maybe wasn't the best numbering for the stable release, but epubcheck 3.0 has been identified as the recommended version for vaildation of all epubs since b03. Did they reject knowing this information or based only on the b05 numbering?

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