Background Images On DIV Tags

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Dear Readium Support,

I'm creating EPUB3 documents in which images are used to paint the background of DIV tags, rather than colours, through the "style" attribute. For example:


The HTML pages display perfectly through any web browser, including Chrome, but when viewed through Readium, the backgrounds are blank. If I put a border around the tags, the outline shows up so I know the tags are there and that they are sized correctly, as in:

style="width:600px;height:800px;background:url('image/i-00099897.png');border:2px dotted red;"

I'm assuming that this is just a beta-release issue. I'm encouraged otherwise because the tool is playing sound files and transforming the shape of DIV tags, at least, when CSS3 animations get triggered (as evidenced when the borders are present -- I can see them move, rotate, scale, etc.). Looks very promising.


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