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Okay, another query for you IDPF stalwarts:

In my ebook, I have a couple of full page illustrations. These were anchored objects in the InDesign file used to generate the EPUB. Due to issues with text reflow over various readers/adjustable font sizes/etcetera, I am stuck with odd page breaks (half/quarter/etcetera page of text before the image). Any suggestions for manipulating the text to flow fully before and after the image?

Thanks, again; this forum has proven to be a valuable resource.

There's no way I know of to coerce reading systems to spread out the text in such a way that it will fit evenly into a given set of pages regardless of device, font size, viewable area, etc. It's just the nature of reflowable content.

You could play with the image size so that it doesn't force rendering on a new page to try and reduce some of the worst occurrences, but that doesn't sound like what you want.

You could even break your chapter up into pages and make each a fixed layout to control what text is on what page -- if you really want to go overboard -- but that's more a placebo solution since you have to have a device that can render fixed layout epubs and at the right aspect ratio and without change to font or size otherwise you're right back where you started. It kind of defeats the purpose of reflowable content, too.

Thanks, again, for another response to my posts...

I thought that would be the reply. Yeah, fixed layout wouldn't be helpful overall. I do appreciate your input and suggestions, though!

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