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My organization is becoming quite enamored by the iBook. We are throwing a lot of resources towards creating marketing materials with embedded video, embedded slide-decks and embedded images using the iBook Author format. The problem with this approach is it relies too heavily on the audience using an iOS device. We in IT would like to encourage development of these materials using a format that is supported on multiple devices - ePub. Unfortunately, we are told that the ePub format does not support the multi-media functions of the iBook format.

Is it the case that the iBook format enables features not yet available in the ePub format?
If so, are there plans to include more multi-media features akin to what's available in the iBook format in the next release of the ePub standard?
If so, when should we be able to expect the next ePub standard to be released?

Many thanks in advance for answering my question!

IT Manager

I've not heard that there are multimedia features iBooks supports that aren't in the EPUB 3 specification, but perhaps you could elaborate on what you've been told is not supported?

Audio and video are supported. Media overlays (Read Aloud in Apple's world) comes from EPUB 3. The object element is also available for other multimedia presentations like slideshows, etc.

Relative to EPUB 2 it's a fair statement, and most people are still using EPUB 2 reading systems, but the iBooks format is almost EPUB 3 with some proprietary extentions. Apple also recently announced support for EPUB 3 proper in iBooks, too.

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