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I think that as of now there is no E-reader to support "Header and Footer" style in EPUB3.

I need to include "Header" text on each page of the EPUB (It may vary from chapter to chapter)

1. Is there any other way to include the "Header" text in EPUB2 or EPUB3? If available, kindly share with me in detail.

3. Does the following codes of "page-template.xpgt" work in some other (ADE alone) Epub reader (Ipad, Nook, Kobo, etc.)?

Code for Header and Footer:
<ade:styling-rule selector=".header" display="adobe-other-region" adobe-region="xsl-region-before"/>
<ade:styling-rule selector=".footer" display="adobe-other-region" adobe-region="xsl-region-after"/>

Raja. S

I assume you are refering to a lack of support for the oeb-page-header and oeb-page-footer styles?

Those are the only properties for adding header and footer text in EPUB 2/3. If they aren't working, are they often aren't, you really don't have another option that would have more widespread support. ADE does show a header/footer set this way, but because it's more of a scrolling pagination the header only appears on the first page, which isn't really what you want.

There also isn't any easy way you could manually accomplish this kind of formatting because of the reflowing, paginated nature of EPUBs.

Thanks for the clarification.

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