A research of e-copyright and dataprotection issue!Please help!

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Hi everyone,
My name is Steven and I am doing a dissertation for my MSC in Electronic Publishing course at City University which focuses on research comparing the different copyright and privacy issues facing the digital publishing industry in the UK and China . The purpose of the research is to investigate current and potential problems caused by the different legal systems for multinational companies doing business both in the UK and China and to find if there are practical solutions. I would very much appreciate if you can kindly take some time to answer my questions. Responses to the questionnaire will be anonymised and the respondents’ details will be treated in confidence. The final findings will be only used for the purpose of this research project If anyone can point some general idea about the different e-copyright and dataprotection issue between China and UK(something like "What do you think is the most significant difference relevant to copyright and data protection/privacy between the laws of China and the UK?", that will help a lot. the Thanks for your cooperation.

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