On initial install

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New isntall, Chrome, Linux, Fedora 17, 64 bit.

Installed it and made a (wrong?) assumption. Went to the IDPF examples site and clicked on a .epub file. The 'reading library' spinner started.... and never stopped.

there is nothing to say that the Chrome plugin *only* works from the library, and that to read a document from a url, the url must be opened using the + (add to library) button.


When I open a .html file with my browser, it opens.
I expected (rightly or wrongly) that after installing Readium I could do the same with a .epub file.

Once I realised (about the library aspect) I added a book, opened the library and the product looks very good.

I find it a bit old fashioned to have the library as the only means of reading?


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