chrome - why no icon to open app? small usability issues

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Hi. Thanks for the app, enjoying it.

But why is there no icon in chrome for the app like all other apps have?

I installed on chrome but in order to open the app I have to right click on other extension icons, choose Manage Extensions, scroll down through them to find Readium, then click the link for options there, then close the options window to finally read something.

Also, why doesn't clicking an epub file in windows open it in Readium? After installing I thought it didn't work at all because choosing to open then in chrome kept failing. I then finally found it was installed with no icon and got it open then imported epubs from there to read them. Not at all clear that was needed. For example, I click a pdf file and it simply opens in chrome; why not an epub?

2 usability problems:

1) where is the search function to search throughout an epub file?

2) if you resize text then chapter links no longer work properly. Seems very odd as they should go to an anchor, not a predetermined location based on text size. Also, no default text size in the control so not sure what to return it to to get back to the default.

3) Also noticed various links within text didn't work either.

Thanks for the help and the app.

2 other questions:

An icon for a book disappeared and now has the readium icon. Why and how to reset? Only delete and reimport?

Does it matter if I move books from their original location after imported? It seems not to so if you're actually copying them to another folder, why do that when you have the epub file already, why not just open and display it? A pdf plugin doesn't copy/import your pdf file, it just displays it from where it is each time.

Thanks again.

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