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I want to link a ONIX file into a EPUB 2.0.1. I was wondering if I can do it in the same way as in EPUB 3.0 's guidelines

Hi, there may be a specific answer to this which I'm not aware of, but there is also a general answer to the question of "Can I do X from EPUB 3 in an EPUB 2 version publication?". The answer is you need to test what happens on the EPUB 2 reading systems you care about to make sure it's safely ignored. I would suggest at the very least Adobe Digital Editions which uses the same rendering engine as many others, but you might also want to test on others. You might also want to try on EPUB 3 reading systems which are supposed to also support EPUB 2 but will likely be using a different rendering engine than ADE and friends: iBooks, VitalSource, Kobo for example. And generally speaking unless there's a strong benefit to creating hybrid publications I would discourage this kind of thing. In the case of linking an ONIX file into an EPUB 2.0.1 who is going to expect to find that in an EPUB 2 filesince the feature of linked metadata is new in EPUB 3? Better, depending on what you are doing, might be to create a valid EPUB 3 file that still works on old reading systems (the minimum necessary step being to add the old NCX format for TOC - it is legal but deprecated and unnecessary in EPUB 3 which uses the XHTML-based Navigation Document, but EPUB 2 reading systems need NCX). That as well requires testing but at least the result you get will be future-proof and conformant.

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