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Hello all forum users,

I want a detailed list of all the set of features(with actual titles) which IDPF has developed and reading systems should support in both the ePub versions (Version 2.0.1 and Version 3.0). I need this data immedietely. Please help.

Because, As I could see in the specification here http://idpf.org/epub/20/spec/OPS_2.0.1_draft.htm, things are too elaborative. They have specified each and every minute points considering HTML,CSS,OPF,NCX, XML structure etc. But, I need the quick list of features which any business person can understand easily rather than going too technical. Hope, you understand my concern. Let me know, where can I get this?

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Kumar V

Hi Alberto,

Thanks for the reply. But I had gone through this link long back. It gave me only the details of ePub version3. Not the comparision with ePub version 2.0.1. Hope you understood.

Ravi Kumar

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