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To create an EPUB from a DOC I currently use "DAISY Save-as-Daisy" plugin and then DAISY Pipeline. This also means that I have to follow DAISY conventions to make the conversion (for example in paging or other entities).

Is there any other tool to create (accessible) EPUB from DOC files?

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It would be great to see a native save-as option in Word for EPUB 3, but I don't know that such a thing is coming. It would be huge for accessible distribution of documents that aren't books (instead of converting Word docs to PDF, for example).

As of right now, I don't know of a lot of other options for conversion to accessible EPUB 3. You could import into InDesign 6 or iBooks Author, but it may still take some work to make the output from them fully accessible.

More technically challenging, if you can get to docbook there are stylesheets that will create EPUB 3s. See also this earlier thread about Word conversion.

And finally, if you're not afraid to roll your own using xslt, you could get a Word-to-XML converter like upCast and completely control the process yourself.

There is now a platform available for easy eBook publishing from Word doc to EPUB3 format. Please email me at janice.dru [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Such a word document (microsoftware output?) is already the wrong starting point to create
good books. If it went already wrong and one has such a file for whatever reason (or some corresponding output from LibreOffice/OpenOffice/KOffice etc), the best one can do is to extract all text to a plain text file and to continue with this creating XHTML-files manually with proper semantical markup. Even the LibreOffice/OpenOffice XML-files do not have much semantical markup meaningful for this purpose.
From time to time I have seen such requirements by commercial publisher forcing authors to buy such microsoftware and to use it to write some books in the wrong format, just to convert it with some 'tool' to meaningless tag-soup, but this is in general a misleading hint and especially for creating books in the format EPUB ...

What can I do so the device shows the names of each chapter (or title of each xhtml) file on the device rather than the name of the book. IE if I change chapters I can see at the top of the device?

I was not looking for another option to make EPUBS but what to do to the code to make the name of the chapter name show up at the op of the device. My book are hand coded (no software conversion programs)..just manipulating the Indesign file with a web authoring software.


The running header is controlled by the reading system, not the EPUB file itself, and there is currently no way to tell the reading systems to display the chapter name instead of the book title in that running head.

There is a native EPUB 3 desktop publishing program available called Playwrite for Mac OS X. It can be obtained here:


We released new authoring tool that create epub3/epub2 and HTML5 as named 'Namo Author ver 3'. You can find the s/w at www.namoauthor.com. NamoAuthor works on later than MS Windows 7. If you want to try use it, it is free for a month.

There are a few quite good options out there that take DOC or PDFs and convert into EPUB3. We just recently added EPUB3 support for our PDF conversion. It converts PDFs into both static and reflowable layout and preserves fonts. Feel free to give it a go and let me know if you have any questions


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