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How do you access the unique identifier in an epub?
storage values to interactivity to sharing [three question in one post]

The unique identifier is a metadata property of the package; it's not exposed to JavaScript. About the only conceivable way to get at that value from a script would be to make an AJAX call to read the package file and then resolve the unique-identifier attribute reference to the corresponding dc:identifier. A lot of work for a process that probably won't work in many reading systems, I expect.

If it's that important to a script, you're better off writing the value into a variable when you create the content, or placing it in a meta tag in the xhtml page header.

As for storage, EPUB doesn't define any special mechanisms. HTML storage mechanisms are available, but support depends on the reading system. For "what can I use" questions, looking at the site is generally a good starting point. Go to and check out the filesystem section.

The EPUB samples have a number of basic examples you can review, too, including how to embed multimedia.

And, finally, the "sharing" quote has to do with referencing content within a publication. EPUB CFIs provide a standard way to identify a location, something that had been done differently in different reading systems in the past. It doesn't mean that reading systems will allow sharing of features like bookmarks, only that they can using this linking scheme.

See the Open Annotation in EPUB specification for how work is ongoing to develop interoperable annotations, for example. Support is pretty limited at this time, but I have heard of a couple of early implementations of this spec.

Thank you Mr. Garrish. I am now certain how I have to move forward structurally. when next I post to this community it will be using more focus in the query
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