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I have a problem with a laptop (win7pro 32 bits) when I try to read an ebook created with Book Creator for ipad.

The audio button (sound integrated in the page) seems to be not active.

The same ebook is correctly read with other pcs (tested on XP SP3, win7pro 64 bits and 32 bits).

With the laptop the problem is recurrent with all ebooks with integrated audio, but the media overlay is ok.

What could be the problem, do you have an idea ?


Hi, not sure if it helps, but when I run Readium on Chrome on my Debian machines, if the audio is sampled at 22050 Hz, no sound is output --- I guess it is a problem of Chrome rather than Readium.

Your issue might be similar: do you still see the MO highlighting? Or, equivalently: is your problem "just" not having sound output?

Alberto's question is a good one. Readium doesn't do the audio decoding itself. We pass the stream onto the underlying browser engine. Can you share the book with us? Post it to dropbox or similar? See the post here

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