Digital Book 2012 Program

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Monday, June 4


Registration and Continental Breakfast (located in Special Events Hall Lobby)


Welcome (located in Special Events Hall)


The Attention Economy

Book publishing was built on scarcity--scarce paper, scarce shelf space, scarce book reviews. That's all changing. Hear from Seth Godin - entrepreneur, writer, and speaker - about how he and others are radically reinventing the paradigm of publishing.

Seth Godin (Bestselling Author)

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Emerging Models for Content Monetization

Publishers and authors increasingly realize they need to think beyond just repurposing print content in digital channels. But which strategies make the most sense? Ernie Sander, Executive Editor of and, will offer looks at some promising monetization models from different corners of the content world, from media and video to apps and games.

Ernie Sander (GigaOM)

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Publishers Roundtable

Execs discuss tablets, enhanced eBooks, “e-shorts”, and other recent event and trends.

Richard Charkin (Bloomsbury), Jane Friedman (Open Road Media), Madeline McIntosh (Random House)

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Preparing for Life After the Download (“Wait, But We’ve Only Just Started?!”)

Richard Nash (Small Demons)

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Networking break (located in Special Events Hall)

Business and Marketing Track

(Room 1E10)

Data-driven Book Publishing

"Big Data" is a hot topic but it's not just for data scientists: making data-driven decisions about titles, pricing, and marketing is increasingly critical for business leaders. Dominique Raccah, CEO of Sourcebooks, an innovative independent publisher, will describe how she uses large-scale sales information and small-scale data including user-level Web and social analytics to measure and optimize her business - and why you should be doing likewise.

Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks)

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Technology & Production Track

(SE Hall)

Streaming Digital Books

This talk presents a vision of EPUB 3 as the ultimate publication master format: manuscript, asset management system, learning tool, and data warehouse all in one. HTML5 & EPUB 3 will enrich this ecosystem, and enable much more: information-dense, responsive publications that can be personalized and delivered on request in the appropriate display size, language, and educational level, with contextually-relevant media and assistive enhancements. Example publications using streaming HTML5 distribution and EPUB 3 features will be provided throughout.

Liza Daly (Safari Books Online)

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Education and Professional Track

(Room 1E02,03)

Case Study: A Window Into the E-Future of the World’s First School to Go Full E-Only

During 2011-2012 the South Kent School, a private high school in Connecticut, went “cold turkey” - replacing all textbooks with iPads and digital content from a variety of sources. This talk will be a first hand report by diverse stakeholders on results from this leading-edge experiment.

Phil Darrin (Dean, Academic Affairs), Gonzalo Garcia (CIO), Delano Williams (Class of 2012)

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Business & Marketing Track

Disruptive Business Models

Two leading publishing startups will discuss out-of-the-box approaches to monetizing digital books.

Eric Hellman (, Sol Rosenberg (Copia)

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Download the presentations: Eric Hellman (8.8 MB PDF), Sol Rosenberg (8.8 MB PDF)

Technology & Production Track

EPUB 3 Under the Covers

Noted expert EPUB expert and author Liz Castro will show how to create content that takes advantage of all the features that the latest platforms have to offer… while avoiding the pitfalls and inconstencies.

Liz Castro (Cookwood Press)

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Education and Professional Track

From Textbooks to Interactive Learning Materials: Principles of Biology

“Principles of Biology” is a true breakthrough in digital learning materials - developed as a dynamic, evolving website, not a static download. Hear from the visionary who made it happen, about what’s working and where it’s going.

Vikram Savkar (Nature Group)

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Lunch (located in Special Events Hall)


Making it as an Indie eBook Author: Lessons learned a year and 700,000 ebooks later

As "one of the top digital writers in America" (The Washington Post), Bella Andre will share her story of jumping from the mid-list onto bestseller lists around the globe with her indie releases. She will explore her strategy behind selling at higher price points; taking advantage of the global market via a combination of licensing and self-published translations; diversifying her author portfolio by branding two names (Bella Andre and Lucy Kevin) in two distinct sub-genres; entering the audio book market as an indie; and the surprising lessons she's learned about metadata.

Bella Andre (Bestselling Romance Author)

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Natively Digital

Software for creating and consuming interactive content must operate fully outside of the constraints of the printed page. And yet to date, almost every digital product has been shoehorned into software that enforces those constraints. Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis will showcase how new publishing technologies can redefine the way we create and consume interactive contentand carry the industry to a world beyond print.

Matt MacInnis (Inkling)

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How Consumers Discover Books Online

Otis Chandler, founder & CEO of leading book social community Goodreads, will give a quantitative and qualitative analysis of consumer behavior, including presenting the latest statistics from a site with over 11M books cataloged and nearly 20MM visitors/month. Who is searching for books online? How are they discovering books and how many are they discovering, and then reading? What are the key factors in book discovery and how is the picture different for books in the head vs the long tail?

Otis Chandler (Goodreads)

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Google Play, and Google Books Going Global

Jimmy Crawford (Google)

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More Better Faster: The Global Race for International eBook Retail

Michael Tamblyn (EVP Content, Sales & Merchandising) will discuss Kobo's digital book platform, highlighting new data learned as Kobo has moved from market to market globally: consumer reading and book buying behavior, take-up of enhanced eBooks and manga, and more.

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Networking Break (located in Special Events Hall)

Business & Marketing Track

(Room 1E10)

eBooks from product to market: soup to nuts

This session is an in-depth look, from an industry insider, at the state of the eBook distribution ecosystem. You'll hear about how to build and manage your own ebook distribution platform and deliver content directly to your customers on mobile devices.

If you are new to digital publishing, this session is your express lane to understanding the overall landscape. If you are a veteran, you'll get insights into the latest wrinkles in distribution, DRM infrastructure, and ebook apps.

Micah Bowers (Bluefire)

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Technology & Production Track

(Room 1E02,03)

Breaking the Page: Designing for Infinite Canvases

“Repurposing” print books for tablets via page-replica “digitization” fails to exploit the intrinsic capabilities of the digital medium. “Breaking the Page” author Peter Meyers will demonstrate how to maximize the value of next generation content on a canvas that can do so much more than print, including showcasing options enabled by new tools such as Apple iBooks Author.

Peter Meyers (Author and Consultant)

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(SE Hall)

Table Topics - Interactive Roundtables on Various Topics, with Expert Conversation Starters

This participatory "Birds of a Feather" session will feature tables devoted to key topics of interest, with a knowledgeable expert "conversation starter" at each table. Choose a table and dive in to the discussion - or circulate! See below for a partial list of topics and expert conversation starters.

Business & Marketing Track

Libraries and eBooks Panel

Lbraries are an important sales channel and a critical resource for discovery. But eBook lending by libraries does not naturally hew to patron-district boundaries and has become an area of concern for publishers. Two leading service providers and a key library stakeholder will discuss the latest developments.

George Coe (Baker&Taylor), Ian Singer (Library Journals), Erica Lazzaro (OverDrive)

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Download the presentations: George Coe (1.9 MB PDF), Ian Singer (1.1 MB PDF), Erica Lazzaro (11 MB PDF),

Technology & Production Track

UPFRONT XHTML: For Workflow, Not Just the Web

HTML 5 is now the lingua franca of EPUB and online publishing. XML can give it the rigor and power needed for your whole workflow, not just the end of it. In this session, Bill Kasdorf and Dave Cramer will show how XHTML is being used to create foundational models that provide the structure and semantics demanded by repositories, multi-channel rendering, and repurposing, as well as the agility needed to streamline editorial, print, and e-publishing workflows using today’s wealth of HTML-based tools and technologies.

Bill Kasdorf (Apex), Dave Cramer (Hachette Book Group)

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Table Topics, Continued

Indie Authors - Bella Andre & Barbara Freethy
Social Marketing - David Wilk (Booktrix)
EPUB 3 Futures - Markus Gylling (IDPF)
Copyright Legal Issues - Lloyd Jassin (Attorney /
Accessibility - George Kerscher (DAISY)
eBook DRM - Bill Rosenblatt (Giant Steps)
Fixed-Layout EPUB - Luc Audrain (Hachette-Livre)
Fonts in eBooks - Vladimir Levantovsky (Monotype)
Metadata - Laura Dawson
ONIX / supply-chain protocols - Graham Bell (EDItEUR)
Readium / open source - Matthew Robertson (Evident Point)
eLearning / eTextbook integration - Dr. Yong-Sang Cho (KATS/KERIS)
Enhanced / Childrens eBooks - Chintu Parikh (SachManya), Theodore Gray (Touch Press)
EPUB #ePrdctn - Iris Amelia Febres (O’Reilly Media)
Virtual Libraries & Universal Access - Rebecca McDonald (


Mixer & Booth Stroll (located in Special Events Hall)


Ignite BEA – “Enlighten us… but make it quick!” (located in Special Events Hall)

This session will showcase digital publishing startup innovators giving fixed-length, 5-minute talks with slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Audience will judge winners via applause-o-meter. If you’ve been to an Ignite talk you know how entertaining this format is; if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Sponsored by O'Reilly Media / Tools of Change  (Note: in order to attend Ignite BEA you must be a registered attendee of IDPF Digital Book 2012)

Kat Meyer (O'Reilly Media) Moderator, Henrik Berggren (Readmill), Theodore Gray (Wolfram / Touch Press), Justo Hidalgo (24 Symbols), Caleb Mason (Publerati), Andrew Rhomberg (Jellybooks), Matthew Robertson (Evident Point), Nick Ruffilo (Aerbook), Miral Sattar (Bibliocrunch), David Wilk (Booktrix), Brian Felsen (BookBaby), Andrew Brenneman (Finitiv), Kathy Meis and Charles Wyke-Smith (Bublish)

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Download the presentations: Henrik Berggren (1.6 MB PDF), Theodore Gray (9.3 MB PDF), Caleb Mason (1.4 MB PDF), Andrew Rhomberg (49.7 MB PDF), Matthew Robertson (2.6 MB PDF), Nick Ruffilo (5.9 MB PDF), David Wilk (3.2 MB PDF), Brian Felsen (XXX MB PDF), Andrew Brenneman (12.5 MB PDF), Kathy Meis (2.7 MB PDF),

Tuesday, June 5


Continental Breakfast (located outside Room 1E10)

Business & Marketing Track

(Room 1E04)

The e-Shorts Phenom: Monetizing Content Nuggets

E-singles are an exciting new digital revenue stream for players from all parts of the publishing industry -- including book, magazine and newspaper publishers; retailers; and startups. paidContent's Laura Owen provides an overview of the space, including key participants, business models, successes and failures, and best practices.

Laura Owen (paidContent / GigaOM)

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Technology & Production Track

(Room 1E10)

A Pragmatist's Guide to InDesign CS6 and EPUB 3

What's new in InDesign CS6 for creating ebooks and other digital publications? What changes does EPUB 3 represent for the InDesign user, now and in the near future? Kiyo Toma, Senior Product Manager on the InDesign team, will give an overview of the new features and share his perspective on EPUB 3 and HTML5.

Kiyo Toma (Adobe)

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Download the presentation » (1.1 MB PDF)

Education and Professional Track

(Room 1E02,3)

Making Enhanced Content, Profitable Content

The advent of EPUB 3 and related technologies changes the game from content conversion to content creation. Skill sets will need to combine layout design, technical conversion and app development to create enhanced eBooks. Flash learning objects will evolve to enhancing premium learning materials via integrated HTML5 interactivity and rich media. Two expert speakers will explore these issues, relative to educational and STMS-oriented content.

Sriram Panchanathan (Aptara), John Wheeler (SPi Global)

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Download the presentation » (1.6 MB PDF)

9:50 -10:35
Business & Marketing Track

Getting the Friction out of the Supply Chain

From inconsistent metadata to confusion around product identifiers, from the uneven roll-out of EPUB 3, to unknowns about the size and scope of illicit file sharing, the industry faces myriad challenges that are creating barriers to book acquisition and consumption. Executive Director Len Vlahos and Deputy Executive Director Angela Bole of the Book Industry Study Group will present the latest initiatives to help you navigate around the speed bumps and potholes in today's digital supply chain, and understand the collaborative steps being taken to address key issues.

Len Vlahos (BISG), Angela Bole (BISG)

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Download the presentation » (23.6 MB PDF)

Technology & Production Track

eBook Production Jumpstart: EPUB 3, KF8 and more

This in-depth session, presented by a leading expert, will help you master what it takes to create eBooks that are ready for all major distribution channels.

Joshua Tallent (eBook Architects)

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Download the presentation » (2.1 MB PDF)

Education and Professional Track

Beyond the Journal as Artifact: New Models for Increasing Reach and Monetizing Digital Content

Kent Anderson, CEO & Publisher, Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery and incoming President, Society for Scholarly Publishing, has been a leader in pioneering innovative business models around content, in a field that has gone further in digital transformation than most other segments of the publishing industry. Kent will cover lessons learned and emerging best practices both in his own business and in journals overall

Kent Anderson (Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery)

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Networking Break (located outside Room 1E10)

Business & Marketing Track

The Landscape of Content Protection Technology: Implications for Digital Publishing

Bill Rosenblatt, a noted expert on content protection technologies, will survey - from a business perspective – content protection schemes currently used for eBooks and compare them with approaches being used for other content types (such as music, video, games, and corporate documents), including client-based technology, cloud-based solutions like UltraViolet, and watermarking and other "social DRM" approaches. Bill will discuss potential implications for how such solutions might or might not be constructively used in the near future in digital publishing, including retail and lending workflows. Hear all the latest developments on this rapidly evolving landscape that's of critical interest to authors, publishers, retailers, and readers.

Bill Rosenblatt (Giant Steps Media)

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Download the presentation » (5.5 MB PDF)

Technology & Production Track

Content-Centric Publishing Workflows

Content management for publishers is no longer just about file storage. It's about moving content creation and editing directly into the cloud database, making adapting to print, Web and digital publishing automatic, and customized on-the-fly reassembly a snap. In this session, hear from the founders of two innovative platforms for digital publishing as they discuss the radically more efficient workflows that these types of solutions enable, showcasing real-world publisher case studies.

Francois-Xavier Hussher (Gutenberg Technology), Hugh McGuire (Pressbooks)

Download the presentations: Francois-Xavier Hussher (4.4 MB PDF), Hugh McGuire (1.4 MB PDF)

Education and Professional Track

Mainstreaming Accessibility and Assessment in Higher-Ed Publishing

This session will cover recent developments in higher-ed digital publishing relating to accessibility. Kent Freeman (COO, VitalSource) will showcase how adoption of open standards like HTML5 and EPUB 3 has helped the VitalSource platform and adopting institutions integrate e-textbooks with e-learning assessment standards and move accessibility into the mainstream. Paul Banks, Director, Developmental Education, McGraw-Hill, will focus in on how digital technologies, such as Live Ink, have proven useful in enhancing accessibility in the McGraw-Hill Connect platform.

Kent Freeman (VitalSource), Paul Banks (McGraw-Hill)

Listen now » (34:54, 16.1 MB)

Download the presentations: Kent Freeman (8.4 MB PDF), Paul Banks (5 MB PDF)

Business & Marketing Track

High-Design & Children’s eBooks: Business Opportunities and Distribution Platform Realities

Leading traditional and born-digital publishers will showcase how they are delivering highly designed and enhanced eBooks and apps for children's and other market segments, exploring the opportunities and challenges in expanding beyond "straight text" eBooks.

Samantha Cohen (Simon & Schuster) moderator, Liisa McCloy-Kelly (Random House), Woody Sears (zuuka), Theodore Gray (Touch Press)

Listen now » (49:00, 22.5 MB)

Download Woody Sears presentation (1 MB PDF)

Technology & Production Track

EPUB 3: Future Directions for the Global Open Standard 

IDPF CTO Markus Gylling and Board members Garth Conboy (Google) and Roger Webster (B&N) will discuss recent and upcoming developments for the EPUB open standard and related work including Readium and other open source activities.


Markus Gylling (IDPF), Garth Conboy (Google), Brady Kroupa (Barnes & Noble)

Listen now » (52:06, 23.9 MB)

Download the presentation » (2.7 MB PDF)

Education and Professional Track

eBooks in Education - Publishers Perspective

Senior leaders in higher-ed publishing (Ken Brooks, COO Cengage) and K-12 publishing (Evan St. Lifer, VP Digital, Scholastic) will review key features of digital publishing content and platforms from the perspective of improving learning experiences and outcome in these closely related but yet very distinct market segments.

Ken Brooks (Cengage), Evan St. Lifer (Scholastic)

Listen now » (35:40, 16.4 MB)

Download the presentations: Ken Brooks (3.7 MB PDF), Evan St. Lifer (5.3 MB PDF)

Wednesday, May 28


Registration and Continental Breakfast

Location: SE Hall



Location: SE Hall

Bill McCoy (International Digital Publishing Forum), Len Vlahos (Book Industry Study Group)

Digital Technology & The Internet Are Reshaping the Book Business: Two Visionary Perspectives

Nicholas Carr: Digital and Print and future of reading, Peter Brantley: The Future of Libraries

Location: SE Hall

Nicholas Carr (Author), Peter Brantley (

The Future of Book Publishing: Technology Trends and Business Implications

Publisher Perspective Panel.

Location: SE Hall

Pierre Danet (Hachette Livre), Lori Benton (Scholastic Trade Publishing), Josh Marwell (HarperCollins Publishers)
Moderator: Maja Thomas (MCT Consulting)

Networking Break

Location: SE Hall


The Indie/Hybrid Author Perspective on P+E and Reinventing the Writing Process in a Reader-Connected World

Author Perspective Panel

Location: SE Hall

Bella Andre (Author), Hugh Howey (Author), Barbara Freethy (Author)

How Social Media is Transforming Reading

Otis Chandler returns: An update on the past year, what's next for Goodreads, and a look at how social is impacting reading.

Location: SE Hall

Otis Y. Chandler (Goodreads)

The Evolving Challenges and Opportunities in Global Publishing

The Global Publisher Perspective

Location: SE Hall

Ken Michaels (Macmillan Science and Education)

The Evolving Challenges and Opportunities in Global Retail

The Global eTailer Perspective

Location: SE Hall


Lunch and Booth Stroll

Location: SE Hall

 Business and MarketingTechnology, Design, and ProductionEducation and Professional

Digital Publishing Beyond the Big Five

Big, Small and In Between

Location: SE Hall

Jason Ashlock (Thought Catalog Books), Scott Waxman (Diversion Books), Bronwen Hruska (Soho Press), Jessica Case (Pegasus Books)
Moderator: Porter Anderson (Consultant)

P+E Production: Best Practices Panel

With the transformation of the industry and the explosion of new platforms, technologies and standards (HTML5 / EPUB), publishers need to plan and structure their production workflows for multi-channel publishing. Mobile content strategy is also a key aspect to be considered as part of content planning. This session will discuss key factors and best practices to be considered during the content production process.

Location: 1E08

Sanj Kharbanda (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), John Prabhu (SPi Global), Ken Brooks (McGraw-Hill Education), Samantha Cohen (Simon & Schuster)

Education Publishing Gets Dynamic

Implications for content (print + E) as the focus moves from fixed curriculums and static books to digital learning materials that are enhanced via technology. We'll discuss the impact of big data and analytics, gamification, and other emerging innovations in education publishing.

Location: 1E15

Bradley McIlquham (Knewton), Peter Haasz (OverDrive), Paul F. Corey (Higher Education), Paul Murphy (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Using Digital Reading & Writing Innovation to Engage New Audiences

With digital reading and writing innovations on the rise, new audiences are engaging in publishing that would otherwise be lost to other entertainment options, like video games and film. Hear from those leading this change and discover ways to build and foster these growing communities.  

Location: SE Hall

Paul Cameron (Booktrack), Ron Martinez (Aerbook), Allen Lau (Wattpad), David Anderson (Kobo)

Open Source for Publishing

From production to distribution, open source offers new capabilities to enable authors, publishers, and retailers to more directly and independently engage in the business. This session will cover how leading publishers are utilizing open source technologies and present about a leading open source consortium for publishing technology.

Location: 1E08

Sanders Kleinfeld (O’Reilly Media), Ric Wright (Readium Foundation), Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks)

Kids Content in Classrooms

How do digital devices and digital content change the classroom experience? What else is needed?

Location: 1E15

Amy Rosenstein (Teacher), Cathy Ferrara (Scholastic Education)

Networking Break

Location: SE Hall


A DRM Case Study: Tor Books

Founder and Publisher of TOR, the first Big Five imprint to dispense with DRM technology, will review the results of two years of DRM-free distribution.

Location: SE Hall

Tom Doherty (Tor Books)

Beyond the Pages: When Books Morph Into Mega Multimedia Projects

Bestselling author James Frey sits down with famed Hollywood producer Wyck Godfrey (of the Twilight Saga Series, The Fault In Our Stars and The Maze Runner) to discuss the groundbreaking transmedia project “Endgame".

Location: SE Hall

James Frey (Author), Wyck Godfrey (20th Century Fox)

Closing Remarks

Location: SE Hall

Bill McCoy (International Digital Publishing Forum)

Networking Happy Hour

Location: SE Hall

Thursday, May 29


Continental Breakfast

Location: 1E06

 Business and MarketingTechnology, Design, and ProductionEducation and Professional

The Future of Libraries as a Key Discovery Channel

Libraries have been serving communities for hundreds of years and have always played the valuable role of helping patrons discover what to read next.  This panel of publishers and librarians will discuss the current state of libraries as a discovery channel in the eBook era, sharing quantitative and qualitative data, anecdotes and specific examples of this important role.

Location: 1E08

Alexandra Nicolajsen (Kensington Publishing), Patricia E. Lowrey (Cleveland Public Library), Elenita Chmilowski (Perseus Books)
Moderator: Rebecca T. Miller (Library Journal)

Design and Production for a P+E World

Location: 1E07

Chris Kitchener (Adobe Systems Incorporated), Dave Cramer (Hachette Book Group)

The Grand Convergence: the Future of e-Learning and Education Publishing

Location: 1E09

Dr. Charles Severance (University of Michigan)

In the Metadata Trenches: Creating metadata that makes your titles discoverable

While the creation of metadata is different for each publishing house, understanding the challenges others have faced while working on the data, along with mistakes and lessons learned, can offer valuable insight for your own operations. Hear from publishers of all sizes about how they create and distribute metadata for their titles, learn about the difficulties and innovative ways publishers are creating metadata to help their titles become more discoverable. 

Location: 1E08

Matt West (B+H Publishing), Rob Weisstuch (HarperCollins Publishers), Marti Heyman (Gale/Cengage Learning)
Moderator: Rebecca Albani (Bowker)

Where Books Meet Apps

The Elements of Design

Location: 1E07

Francois Xavier Hussher (Gutenberg Technology), Ron Severdia (Metrodigi), Harald Dahle (Cambridge University Press), Amber Chow (Pearson), Blair Brown (Pearson Education), Jo Eggeman (Cambridge Exams Publishing)

What Is EDUPUB: The Emerging Standard for Education Publishing

Location: 1E09

Rick Johnson (Vital Source Technologies Inc.), Rob Abel, Ed. D (IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.), Paul Belfanti (Pearson )

Networking Break

Location: Outside 1E06

 Business and MarketingTechnology, Design, and ProductionEducation and Professional

Strategic partnerships, business development and eBooks 3.0: Are we moving fast enough?

A shrinking list of eBook platforms, planned entrants changing course, and slowing eBook sales require us to look beyond today. Are new ventures coming from outside (and some inside) the publishing industry being embraced by traditional houses?  Is there a fear of the new or are we seeing cautious optimism?  Our panelists answer the question, Are we moving fast enough?

Location: 1E08

Peter Balis (John Wiley & Sons), Leslie Hulse (Harper Collins), Andrew Weinstein (Scribd), Matt MacInnis (Inkling)

Digital comics - today and tomorrow

Leaders in the development of digital comics, manga, and sequential art from Japan, North America and Europe will present compelling demonstrations of what's possible today and discuss the future roadmap including new support for comics features in EPUB that will facilitate comics as well as other rich and interactive content.

Location: 1E07

Osamu (Sam) Yoshiba (Kodansha), Samuel Petit (Actialuna), David Steinberger (comiXology)

Driving Value Through Curated Collections

The whole is greater that the sum of its parts: Publishers deliver real reference value by providing access to collections of related e-book titles. 

Location: 1E09

Andrew Brenneman (Finitiv), Jeff Dean (Focal Press), Chris Parton (West Academic Publishing), Corey Pressman (Exprima Media)

Publishers Offering Direct Distribution (Big/Med/Self)

What Does it Really Take To Pull It Off?

Location: 1E08

Micah Bowers (Bluefire Productions), Doug Lessing (Firebrand Technologies), Kristen McLean (Bookigee)

The Future of Standards for Digital Publishing

What's Next for EPUB/eBooks, Production & Distribution?

Location: 1E07

Markus Gylling (IDPF and DAISY Consortium), Ivan Herman, PhD (W3C), Liza Daly (Safari Books Online)
Moderator: Liisa McCloy-Kelley (Random House, Inc.)

Professional, Scholarly and Enterprise Publishing: Moving Beyond the PDF

Location: 1E09

John L. Lardee (Elsevier), Denis Saulnier (Harvard Business Publishing), Richard Schwerdtfeger (IBM)

Lunch on Your Own

Making Information Pay 2014: Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy
Thursday, May 29


Welcome and Introduction

Location: 1E08

Len Vlahos (Book Industry Study Group)

Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy: A BISG Research Study

Location: 1E08

Ted Hill (THA Consulting)

Facts & Figures: Subscription Services in the Context of Market Trends

Location: 1E08

Jonathan Stolper (Nielsen Book)

Our Subscribers: What Can We Learn from Usage Data?

Location: 1E08

Andrew Savikas (Safari Books Online)

A Substantial Difference: How Subscription Affects the Form and Value of Content

Location: 1E08

John Tayman (Byliner), Mark Coker (Smashwords), Don Mackinnon (Milq), Jennifer 8. Lee (Rooster and Plympton), Richard Nash (Byliner)

A Word from Our Diamond Sponsor, Hachette Book Group

Location: 1E08


Networking Break

Location: 1E08



Location: 1E08


Strategies for Success: Publisher-Platform Partnerships in the Subscription Space

Location: 1E08

Ted Hill (THA Consulting)

Closing Words

Location: 1E08

Randy Petway (Publishing Technology)

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