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Fourteen Candidates Running for IDPF Board of Directors

November 5, 2012

Fourteen candidates submitted nominations for election to seven seats on the IDPF Board of Directors, including the elected President position. These candidates are affiliated with IDPF member organizations from Asia, Europe, and North America, including publishers, reading system vendors and service providers.  The election is underway from today (November 5) through November 21, 2012. Each IDPF member Primary Representative is eligible to vote on behalf of their organization, and should have received an email ballot.

Businessweek: With EPUB 3, E-Books Finally Get Traction in Japan

November 1, 2012

A recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek credits EPUB as an enabler for e-Books (beyond manga) to finally start getting traction in Japan:  "... Japan’s e-reader dark ages may be ending. EPUB 3.0, the latest open-standard software for digital readers developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, an electronic publishing trade group, can display Japanese text vertically.

W3C Announces Workshop on Electronic Books and the Open Web

October 25, 2012

The W3C, in partnership with IDPF and BISG, is organizing a workshop on Electronic Books and the Open Web, to bring together major players of the eBooks market, including publishers, standardization organizations, booksellers, accessibility organizations, etc, in order to help bring eBook publishing to its full potential through standardization.

Benetech Adopts Readium, Advances EPUB 3 Accessibility

October 25, 2012
The IDPF today announced that Benetech, a non-profit technology provider based in Palo Alto, California, has become a Readium contributor and is adopting Readium technology for its Bookshare service. The Readium project, sponsored by the IDPF, is developing an open source EPUB 3 reading system. Benetech's Bookshare service will be utilizing Readium components in a new web reader that will work in conjunction with a cloud-based bookshelf, allowing qualified users with print disabilities to access their books and read online, directly in a browser, from school, home, and mobile devices. Benetech is also contributing accessibility features including screen reader integration back to the project.

EPUB Reading System conformance test suite project kicks off

October 25, 2012

The IDPF today makes an initial call for participation in a new EPUB conformance test suite project. This newly started open source project is developing materials and methods for the evaluation of feature coverage in EPUB Reading Systems.  The goal is to develop a testing paradigm that is comprehensive, objective, and tests all the features in EPUB 3 and its dependent Web Standards that are relevant to content creators. A means to publicly communicate results is also envisioned.

Comment Period Underway for Proposed Advanced/Hybrid Layout Working Group

October 5, 2012

Following the IDPF workshop on advanced/hybrid fixed layout that was held in Tokyo on July 6 2012, an ad hoc group has drafted a working group charter proposal, and the IDPF Board has called a member comment period, which will be from October 5 through October 19, 2012.  The proposed Advanced/Hybrid Layouts working group would be chartered to publish a set of modular specifications to extend EPUB 3 functionality to better meet the full needs of the ecosystem with regards to user and context adaptation and reading of image-centric publications such as comics and magazines.

IDPF Board Nominations Open Through October 26, 2012

October 5, 2012

A self-nomination period is now open for an election to fill seven positions on the IDPF Board of Directors. Every primary representative of an IDPF member is eligible to be a candidate to serve on the board. Four incumbent directors have expressed an intention to run for re-election, so it is anticipated that the organization will elect at least three new directors during this cycle. The nomination period will be from October 5 through October 26, 2012. After the nomination period has closed, all nominations will be posted on the IDPF website.

DAISY and NFB Ask U.S. State Dept. for EPUB Support

September 26, 2012

DAISY Consortium and the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) recently submitted a response to a Request for Information (RFI) from the U.S. State Department regarding its planned e-reader initiative, expressing concern about accessibility and requesting support for the EPUB open standard format.

Readium Launched on Chrome Web Store

September 26, 2012
The Readium open source project to develop an EPUB 3 reference implementation, sponsored by IDPF and other supporters, continues to rapidly evolve. The Chrome web app configuration of Readium was recently launched on the Chrome Web Store, and can be installed via Recently added Readium features include an implementation of the Canonical Fragment Identifier (CFI) specification, rate and volume controls for Media Overlays, UI enhancements including the ability to drag-and-drop EPUB files into the Readium library, and support for the EPUB reading system JavaScript object. Other recent under-the-hood work includes faster zip unpacking and other performance improvements, internationalization framework with several localizations, cross-browser support elements, and many bug fixes.

EPUB Adaptive Layout Specification Becomes IDPF Informational Document

September 13, 2012
On September 6, 2012 the IDPF Board of Directors unanimously approved elevation of EPUB Adaptive Layout to be an IDPF Informational Document. This specification defines a model for template-based adaptive paginated layouts as an extension to CSS. The features described in the EPUB Adaptive Layout specification allow authors to describe precise page appearances that can intelligently adapt to a wide range of device sizes and custom user settings.


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